Tips for camping with your dog

At Leithfield Beach Holiday Park, we love dogs! We offer dog friendly accommodation all year-round for your well behaved pooch. While having your dog on holiday with the family is great, it can come with some added challenges. We put together a list of our top tips for camping with your furry friend to ensure a stress free holiday!

Preparation is key. Camping with your dog requires a bit of extra planning to make sure the trip goes smoothly. If you are travelling in the car for a while, make sure your dog is used to car trips first. Many dogs get car sick, and you don't want to find this out when you are only an hour into an 8-hour drive! You may want to also check what facilities your campsite offers to be sure they are suitable for a dog. Choosing a camp that has an area for dogs to exercise nearby is also important to consider. At Leithfield Beach Holiday Park, we are lucky to have the Leithfield Beach so close for walks!

Check campsite rules. Each dog friendly campground will have different rules for your pooch. Some may only allow dogs in the off season, so it's important that you check with the management first to make sure you can bring your dog. At Leithfield Beach Holiday Park, we allow well behaved, on-lead dogs all year-round!

Bring the correct gear. As most campgrounds will require your dog to be on-lead, come prepared with an extra long lead for them so they can enjoy a bit of freedom. It is important to create a safe space for your dog to feel comfortable at the campground. Bring their favourite bed and blanket to help them settle in quickly. Make sure you've got enough treats and toys on hand to keep your pup happy and busy.

Consider your holiday plans. If you are planning an adventurous and action-packed holiday where you will only be at the campground to sleep at night, bringing your dog may not be a good idea.  Make sure your holiday activities are dog-friendly so your dog doesn't get left behind. There is lot's to do in Leithfield, including many dog friendly activities.


Choosing the right dog friendly campground is the key to ensuring you have an awesome camping trip with your pooch.


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